Nickels for Nonprofits to Benefit Del Ray Artisans

  • June 02, 2016
  • June 30, 2016
  • Whole Foods Market Old Town Alexandria

Del Ray Artisans has been selected by Whole Foods Market in Old Town Alexandria for their “Nickels for Nonprofits” program. What is “Nickels for Nonprofts”? It is Whole Foods way of giving to local community nonprofit organizations. When customers bring in their own bags for groceries, they have the option of receiving a 5 cent credit per bag, or donating these nickels to a selected nonprofit.

Now through the end of June, bring your reusable bags to Whole Foods in Old Town Alexandria at 1700 Duke St, Alexandria, VA 22314 and choose to donate your nickel per bag at checkout to Del Ray Artisans. Your donation will help empower budding artists and continue to bring diverse artistic activity to the community.

Thank you to Whole Foods Market and to everyone who donates their nickels!

Del Ray Artisans, founded in 1992, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote art for the benefit of artists and the community. For more information on Del Ray Artisans, visit or contact Brandy Lellou at

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