FireFlies' 15th Anniversary Celebration

  • November 17, 2017
  • 4:00 PM - 11:00 PM
  • FireFlies, 1501 Mount Vernon Ave.

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Celebrate 15yrs with us! 

From the very first day we opened, people have asked me why, as Tony's daughter, is our restaurant NOT Italian. If you are thinking, "who's Tony", you must be relatively new to the area. Tony is the owner of Tony's Auto Service here in Alexandria for over 50 years. He's from the Abruzzo region of Italy, home to some of the best food I have had. 

See, my Mom, Donna, is from West Virginia. She moved to Alexandria while in high school, eventually met my Dad and they married in 1964. My mom was 17 years old when they got married and she spent some time learning to cook all of the foods from my Dad's hometown. So, back to the question... why didn't Dan and I open an Italian restaurant??

Well, I 
am a bit spoiled when it comes to Italian food. I have very rarely enjoyed Italian food outside of my Mom's cooking. Even though she's a country girl at heart (and can make some mean biscuits), her Abruzzese cooking is just amazing. We are convinced it's all the love she pours into her family meals. As a chef cooking for the public, I didn't want to get burnt out on the food I grew up loving. So, we decided to go with a diverse American menu. Over the years, I have added something here or there from my childhood, but never a full menu. 

Here we are, 15 years later, and I was thinking... what is something fun we could do for our 15th anniversary? I decided to create a menu based on the foods I grew up eating. To celebrate my parents and their commitment to our family. I hope you will decide to join us. I will be at the restaurant cooking Friday, November 17th for our official party; which includes live music from Janna Audey Music and a drawing for a Holiday Happy Hour giveaway (see our Facebook page for details)! We will, however, run the menu all weekend. I'm looking forward to sharing some of my favorites with you. 

Tanti auguri, 

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