Tapping Into the Healing Power of Receptivity & Positive Thinking

December 07, 2021 10:56 PM | Pat Miller (Administrator)

How often do we consider the power of receptivity and positive thinking as curative  tools? How can we use receptivity and positive thinking as instruments for self healing?  

The task of writing about receptivity is particularly timely for me because I recently  participated in several sacred medicinal sweat lodge ceremonies with the Shamans at  www.ancestralknowledge.co. Receiving the medicine and allowing it to work in the  way it was intended in order to heal is at the forefront of all these ceremonies.  Receiving the medicine and surrendering to its wisdom is a spiritual process meant to  humble us, shift our consciousness, allow us to forgive, encourage us to let go of  negativity and come back to our heart, returning us to love.  

What is the Altar of the Medicine Sweat Lodge?  

Shamans teach us to receive all the gifts life offers us - the joys and the sorrows - the  important lessons life offers us even in the darkest of times. I’ve had the honor of  participating in many indigenous sacred ceremonies over the last fifteen years. These  ceremonies have become the most important part of my inner work and healing.  Each time is different. When I am open to receive whatever the medicine brings to me and when I trust that I’ll receive exactly what I need, I always receive incredible  insights, growth and wisdom.  

Receiving the Gift In Times of Trial  

This year I was asked to be a contributing author to a book called Sacred Death by Hemali Vora. In my chapter, I explain how even in one most difficult times of my life  there was a great gift for me to receive.  

"…As I walked away from my aunt in the physical for the last  time, I felt complete. My life would never be the same, and  certainly not for my cousins. But she died as she lived, with those around her she loved the most and who loved her most. She wouldn't have had it any other way. I was present to how grateful I was to have experienced a mother’s true,  endearing and unconditional love. Her boundless generosity  of self and limitless love still astounds me to this day, so many  years later.” 
 Melissa McGlone, Sacred Death Chapter 20 

Receptivity = Positive Emotions = Greater Happiness = Better Health 

Twenty-three years ago, when I was diagnosed with the “worst case of endometriosis  the doctor had ever seen,” receptivity and positive thinking both became a significant  part of my own spiritual journey. The doctors were convinced I’d never have children  and they proposed a hysterectomy.  

I made the hard decision to break from convention and try a more holistic approach  with the hope that I could heal and conceive. Part of that approach was healing on an  emotional level from deep-rooted traumas which had contributed to dis-ease in my  body. I also would need to cleanse and purify my body using the Ann Wigmore  Living Foods Lifestyle.  

As part of my ninety-day healing journey I made a visualization board which became a  powerful and transformative outlet. I explain this in my soon to be published book  about practical ways to approach healing, wellness and self-care: 

…”I would add to my board the wonderful  cards and letters family and friends wrote to me over that summer for inspiration. Paul, the  father of my future children, had given me a  gorgeous picture of a little girl with curly brown ringlets and the biggest, most beautiful blue eyes you’d ever seen, decked out in Christmas finery. I think it was an ad for a diamond jewelry company as she was holding a string of jewels. It was a  representation of “our little girl.” Come to find out indeed that little girl would manifest, with beautiful brown eyes and ringlets of spun golden brown hair.” 
-- Melissa McGlone, Drinking Blueberries, Chapter 9 

I used the power of positive thinking to empower myself by truly believing that I  could get pregnant and to open myself to receive the gift of pregnancy. I began  buying baby clothes from The Purple Goose in Del Ray, Alexandria, VA even while  doctors were insisting that I was infertile. I imagined my life as a pregnant mama as if  it had already happened.  

Whatever the magic formula was (there were many ingredients), I’m convinced  receptivity and positive thinking greatly contributed to me having two children in the  end. Here are my kids, the ones the doctors said would never be, all grown up and off  to college this year.

Melissa McGlone grew up in Alexandria, Virginia and she and her children still call  Virginia home. After a debilitating bout with endometriosis, her personal healing  journey inspired her to share her success to motherhood by training in the healing art  of colon hydrotherapy. It has become her life’s work to help others heal, and finds it  an honor to assist people with a wide variety of ailments as they journey on their  health path. Sharing her story by writing about it became a mission to align with not  only women as they embark on motherhood, but to help others with whatever health  challenges they face. She has been practicing colon hydrotherapy for 20 years,  primarily at www.vitalbodymind.com. Recently she has added fertility coaching  formally to her consulting services at www.goddessmotherhealing.com, with a detox  product in the works to be out by year’s end.  

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